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Blessings for Life was founded in 2000, after the birth of our 4th child. In 2001, we began another amazing journey at Better Budgeting, helping families around the world, of all faiths, save money and live a better life. 

In 2006, my mother was set to take over as editor for Blessings for Life to help with my crazy schedule. God had other plans. Within just a few short months she got a promotion.

No more tears, no more suffering. 

We could not have done this without her help and endless encouragement. And, we must carry on.

Never Give Up...

God Always Has a Plan!



The Reason for Easter
by Helen Dowd


It is Easter, a time of rejoicing.

Do our thoughts turn to bonnets and spring?

Do our minds drift to sweet chocolate bunnies?

Or some cuddly, soft fuzzy thing?


Do we dream of a basket of goodies?

Or an egg-hunt in the neighbor's back yard?

Do we think about fun family gatherings?

Or receiving a bright Easter card?


Or is Easter for sporting new clothing?

Or perhaps a new style for our hair?

Is it daffodils, tulips and lilies?

Or the smells of new life in the air?


But stop! What's the reason for Easter?

Just what makes it a festive affair?

Was it not that Christ rose on that morning,

Giving meaning to life everywhere?


Christ is God. He descended from heaven

To live humbly on earth as a man.

He suffered, and died as a criminal,

To fulfill God's redemptional plan.


Can we know of the depth of Christ's suffering?

Can we fathom His anguish and pain?

'Twas for us He was tortured, forsaken,

Went to Hell, then ascended again.


What if Jesus had failed in His mission

To die for the sins of all men?

There would not be a reason for Easter.

There'd be nothing to celebrate then.


While we celebrate this Easter season,

Keep in mind this wee bit of advice:

Let's take time on this happy occasion

To thank God for His Great Sacrifice.


*  *  *


Copyright © by Helen Dowd.  All rights reserved.

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